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Then & Now


Amelia Island Singers was founded by Toni Myers in 2022 and is already a thriving, tax-exempt choral organization of over 70 singers. In the 1990s, Myers founded a community choir on Amelia Island that thrived for ten years under her direction before she relocated to Atlanta with her family.  Several different choral groups have evolved from that initial offering over 30 years ago and Amelia Island Singers is the most current. 


Amelia Island Singers offers a broad scope of musical genres. Myers believes that octavos are small masterpieces in and of themselves and Amelia Island Singers performs beloved octavos alongside great choral masterworks. Two concerts will be presented each season, one during the Holidays in December, and one during Spring in April. Performances will be at the lovely Amelia Plantation Chapel.

Myers looks forward to how Amelia Island Singers might benefit the choral singers of Nassau County, as well as engage audiences during performances.  Community choral singing is, and always has been, alive and well in Nassau County!

Our choral group strives to engage our singers and audiences mentally, physically, and emotionally. We believe choral singing facilitates self-empowerment and greater awareness of ourselves and others around us.


Amelia Island Singers

6541 Spyglass Cir, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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Amelia Island Singers Rehearsing


Amy Baker 

Tara Barrineau

Laura Beasley

Carole Bohn

Kathie Boling

Crystal Brucks-Latina

Lucy Bryan

Deborah Conner

Dave D’Ardenne

Nadine D’Ardenne

Norman Dalton

Christine Danbeck

Peter Deane

Kathy Devlin

Dick Devoe

Susan Eason

Diane Elliot

Caryl Ferry

Lisa Flick

Ron Flick

Margaret Rose Gladney

Barbara Harden

Mac Harden

Marvin Harker

Jim Hill

Beth Ivins

Linda Janca

Howard Jones

Brenda Kayne

Grear Kimmel

Alwynne Lamp

Robin Lashley

Lynda Lawrence

Glen Leif

Bonnie Liteborn

Joe Lowery

Kathleen Lunman

Lesley MacLaughlin

Joseph Mayes

Early McCall

Don McGonegal

Ellie McGrath

Meghan Miller

Tim Miller

Ruthellen Mulberg

Denise O’Brien

Mary O’Donnell

Charles Payson

Mary Pikula

Caroline Pittari

Chris Porth

Jan Preus

Jeffrey Rogers

Steve Ramsey

Kimberly Ray

Letty Rubin

Jane Sandhaus-Packer

Joan Sefton

George Shea

Mack Sisson

Karen Tabler

William Taylor

Keith Thompson

Scott Tinman

Spence Turner

Diana Twiggs

Emily Walker

Kathy Weisfeld

Mary Williams

Glynis Wood

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